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A variety of routine & non-routine treatments in Bryn and Golborne

Our Services

  • Vaccination

    We offer a vaccination service for dogs, cats and rabbits. Our vaccinations are very reasonably priced and include a full health check for your pet.

  • Blood Sampling

    Blood samples can be taken during consultations to help us make a diagnosis for your pet. Many blood tests can be run at the surgery, giving results within twenty minutes.

  • Endoscopy

    Endoscopy is available to enable us to investigate the upper respiratory tract and the digestive system without invasive surgery. Estimates of cost can be given after an appointment with the vet.

  • Dental Care

    Both emergency and preventative dental care is provided at both practices. As your pet gets older dental care becomes extremely important. Bad teeth can lead to other health problems. Teeth are routinely checked at annual health checks.

  • Radiography

    Both surgeries have radiography equipment available as a useful diagnostic tool. Most animals must be given an anaesthetic in order to take an X-ray so your pet will need to stay with us for the day. Estimates of cost can be given during an appointment with the vet.

  • Ultra Sonography

    Both surgeries have access to ultrasound to help diagnose problems with your pet. The benefit of Ultrasound is that it can often be performed concious and provides quick results. Pregnancy scanning is also available.


If you are not planning to breed from your dog or cat then we recommend that you get them neutered. Neutering has many health and behavioural benefits and also helps to prevent unwanted litters. Neutering of small animals such as rabbits can also sometimes be beneficial and may be recommended in some circumstances. Routine neutering for all pets is carried out at both surgeries during the week by our skilled Vets. Your pet will need to stay with us for the day but rest assured that they will be given plenty of cuddles by our caring Nurses.


Non-routine surgery takes place daily at both surgeries. Should your pet require surgery they will need to have had a consultation with one of our vets first and then stay in with us for the day. Estimates can be given for the cost of certain procedures after seeing the vet and pre-anaesthetic blood tests can be performed to ensure that your pet is healthy before an operation takes place.

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