New Vet Surgery- coming soon!

Bryn Vets-new passive house surgery- coming soon!

A lot of people have been asking when our new surgery is coming. Its now been submitted to the  planning department at Wigan Council and building work should start soon . Sorry its taken so long! Here’s the architects plan. It will be a passive house construction, so should produce more energy than it uses. This will be the first passive house vets in the UK!  We believe that if you care about animals its natural to also care about wildlife and the environment. Buildings like this will help prevent climate change and are becoming normal building practice in other countries. It will be built with natural materials such as wood, recycled paper insulation and lime render with as little concrete and fossil fuel derived materials as possible.

6 thoughts on “New Vet Surgery- coming soon!”

  1. Mr & Mrs Sutton

    Looking forward to seeing the building transform to this new one.
    Just out of interest as currently a customer with you, would you consider the new surgery to be used 24hrs to save going to an out of hours surgery that doesn’t know our pets.. ??.

    1. Thanks, thats a difficult question to answer. As with people, if your pet is really ill out of hours they are far better being taken to a dedicated emergency centre with dedicated staff monitoring patients 24 hours a day and specialist facilities. To offer this service properly is very expensive and usually requires about 10-20 surgeries to be affordable. Vets that are expected to work days and nights can end up sleep deprived and exhausted, not a great state to be in when you turn up for for work in the morning and perhaps not who you would want treating your pet.

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