Chris Copeman

Chris is the owner of Bryn and Golborne Veterinary Centres and has almost 20 years of experience. He is especially interested in Orthopeadic Surgery and has a passion for the environment. In his spare time Chris enjoys cycling, climbing and travelling with his family.

Elizabeth Farrimond

Liz was the first vet employed by Chris at our Bryn Surgery, she has over 20 years of experience and has been with us since 2006. Although Liz works part time, she is very popular with our clients and specialises in soft tissue surgery. In her spare time she cares for her two children, husband and two dogs, Tinkerbell the Lhasa Apso and Harry the Jack Russell.

Edyta Albera

Edyta graduated in Lublin, Poland and has been a vet in England since 2008. She joined us in 2011 and is now our main full time Vet at Bryn. She enjoys soft tissue surgery and internal medicine and holds a PHD in Biochemistry. In her spare time she cares for her German Wire-haired Pointer, Frodo, and her son who looks set to follow in her footsteps and become the next SuperVet.

Ekkehard Friedhofer

Eki joined our team in 2014. He qualified in Munich in 1998 and particularly enjoys surgery. He lives with his wife who is also a vet and his two children. He has a cat named Lily and a Hamster named Oscar.

Nicola Mather

Nicola officially joined our team of Vets in July 2012 after gaining her Veterinary degree from the University Of Liverpool, she was already a familiar face to some of our clients and staff after spending a lot of her high school and Veterinary placements with us over the years. Nicola is one of our full time vets and splits her time between our Bryn and Golborne centres. Her Hungarian Wirehaired Vizsla Rufus can often be seen poking his head over reception at our Golborne branch. Nicola has a particular interest in internal medicine and dermatology. 


Bridget Flynn

Bridget has been with the practice since 2008. She holds a degree in Animal Behaviour and is a qualified Veterinary Nurse. Bridget especially enjoys emergency and inpatient nursing. At home, Bridget looks after her two cats called Boris & Che and a young Staffordshire Bull Terrier named Olive.


Lisa is our longest serving member of the nursing team and joined us in 2006. She is a highly experienced and fully qualified Veterinary Nurse who has recently passed her advanced nursing qualification! Lisa is particularly skilled in Radiography. She has a Springer Spaniel named Zaki and a Cocker Spaniel named Harry who can often be seen helping in reception at Golborne.

Jennifer Southern

Jen started working with us in 2009 and acheived her Veterinary Nurse qualification in 2014. She holds a degree in Animal Behaviour and Welfare and practiced as a canine behaviourist for three years before coming to us. She particularly enjoys inpatient nursing. She recently became a working mum and has two rescue dogs named Keith & Penny which keep her busy in her spare time.

Megan Griffiths

Megan was employed by the practice in 2009 after impressing us during her work experience for her Animal Care course. She qualified as a veterinary nurse in August 2016 and is currently doing an Emergency & Critical Care certificate. She particularly enjoys theatre nursing. She has a cross breed named Noah and spends alot of her spare time at the farm with her horse Danby.

Lucy Staniforth

Lucy joined us in 2012. She holds a degree in sports science and loves her new career as a Veterinary Nurse. Lucy has a keen interest in horses and would like to do her Equine nurse training in the future. Lucy has a horse named Scott so spends alot of time at the farm during her time off from work. She also has a Golden Retriever named Merlin.

Ashleigh Hutchinson

Ashleigh started her nurse training in early 2015. She was employed after impressing us during her work experience with us. She has two Cocker Spaniels, named Blue and Mylo, and two cats named Ty and Clay. She is passionate about caring for injured wildlife and stray animals brought into the surgery.

Victoria Hateley

Victoria joined the team in January 2018.  She holds a FdSc Degree in Animal Welfare and is aiming to become a Veterinary Nurse in the future.  At home Victoria enjoys looking after her black labrador named Cooper.

LAuren Molyneux

Lauren joined the team in January 2018 after working in America as a Veterinary Care Assistant. She hopes to be starting her Veterinary Nursing training in the future as she is passionate about the welfare of animals. Lauren enjoys gardening & long walks with her daughter and dog named Dude.


Michelle Hedges

Michelle joined us as our receptionist in 2016. She has two dogs called Missy & Layla, a Cat called Wednesday that she rehomed from a stray litter of kittens that came in to us. She also has a guinea pig and a corn snake. Michelle is currently doing a VCA course.