Coronavirus Update

We are still open for necessary medical and surgical cases and urgent vaccinations. Our Golborne surgery is temporarily closed for the moment due to us operating with fewer staff. If your pet needs attention please call our Bryn Surgery on 01942 717777 for advice. We are trying to see patients remotely using video-conferencing software and at the moment are not allowing the general public into the surgery to reduce risk to our clients and staff. Please call reception when you arrive at the surgery to pick up medication. Thanks for bearing with us during these difficult times.

Agria Insurance have offered all our customers with pets between 8wks and 5years of age 4 weeks free insurance by clicking on this link:

6 thoughts on “Coronavirus Update”

  1. Catherine Ibbetson

    Hello is it possible for u to see Lilly Ibbetson tomorrow? Saturday I caught her in the garden mauling a Bee and rubbing herself on the floor. it was then I noticed it was a Bee She was rolling on , from then yesterday morning I was stroking her along her back in that she appeared in a lot of discomfort ; on checking around her lower back it appears very swollen and hot so where unsure if it’s a bite or possibly an inflamed cyst ??
    Yesterday she was still eating, drinking passing urine and bowl movement however ever she’s sleeping a lot and drinking more water than usual.
    I can bring her down anytime

    Catherine Ibbetson

    Contact Details
    01942 703500
    53,Downall Green Road

  2. Sarah Pollard

    Hi I don’t currently have my cat registered with your practice but I moved to Ashton 2 months back And I am quite worried she has something wrong with her ears such as an infection or ear mites. She’s behaving different to usual & very needy and keeps scratching at her ears and flicking them. Is there any way it’s possible to be seen or register her & get an appointment? I don’t know what else to do and I’m really worried 🙁 thanks

  3. Patricia Mallanaphy

    My cat needs dental extraction. Do you have a price list guide please?

    Kind regards

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